Lunch Box Notes, Back to School

Ever since my daughter started grade school, I have been sending little notes with her in her lunch box. Sometimes, I’ll write a joke; sometimes I’ll leave an encouraging remark and other times, I just tell her that I love her. They’re nothing special, just a post-it with a message written on it. One time, I found some online cards and printed them off. They were colorful and fun.

Well school is about to start again (my daughter will be a third grader!) and I decided to put my crafting supplies to good use. I picked out a few stamp sets with cute images, ones with encouraging sentiments and grabbed a couple of dies. I was in kind of a creative funk at the time so I decided to make each one different. Plus, I had some stamp sets that I hadn’t used yet! Yes, this took more time than having a uniform pattern to follow but I had a lot of fun and that’s what’s important.

Here they are!


I made about 30 or so which is perfect for about a month or more. I plan to make some holiday specific ones and I’ll make a handful each month to add to the mix. I also thought it would be kinda fun to do a countdown for special days like Christmas break or the 100th day of school.

Here is the special one I made for the first day of school:


Hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you feel inspired to get out those craft supplies and make some lunch box cards of your own!

Have a great week!

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